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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Magazine from 1931 ...

...... even I am not as old!
As we are having a shower room built into our walk-in pantry and garage the accumulation of 'things' over more than 50 years has to be sorted and as much as possible disposed of.
What a challenge it is, and how will we manage without the lovely pantry and dumping ground 'garage'?
There are so many things to look through, enjoy, remember connections, etc, but we have to be strong willed and send lots to a charity shop - even throw away lots - work should begin at the end of November so there's a deadline ....
But this is one thing that will have to find a new home - a 1933 magazine from my late aunt's collections.
She loved needlework, as I do, and I'll be keeping many of her things.

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  1. wonderful to find this nice magazin! My mother collected crocheting and knitting magazines and I find some very old. It's so exciting to see, what is changing over these many years!
    I hope you feel well. I didn't write for a long time cause there is so many work around our house. I think we will never ending with work around it :-)
    Have a nice day and send you best wishes