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follow up from previous blog, http://conniekonnykards.blogspot.com/ I am retired here in UK, well into my seventies, and I have crafted as long as I can remember. OH John and I have been happily married for 54 years. We have a lovely family and a cat with attitude ...... Lots of work from my hobbies is on Flickr.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

This afternoon I was with a very dear friend, who had a severe stroke two years ago.
Now that I am more mobile, at last, we can continue our weekly crafting.
Today Pat painted in watercolour on a textured canvas type paper.
I printed and painted on a dreary old scrap of cream voile curtain - inspired by the colours of the Sweet Peas from our garden.
I'm not sure whether Pat intended to paint holly, but as the printed version looks like it we can make Christmas cards from prints later in the year. It is very effective.
I was experimenting and will 'stamp-print and paint' more plain fabric to use as a base for postcards or TAST stitching.
A lovely afternoon - quite successful too!
Thursday morning ...... I had to start the day with a few more pieces, see Flickr.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

No Blogging and little stitching for a couple of weeks!
I've been busy on exercises, 'to strengthen leg muscles' (never mind that they exhaust me!!), house tidying following months of neglect, and watching the Tour de France .....
Well, the exercises make me stiff, the house is still a mess, the Tour is over, soooooo ..... today I caught up on three week's TAST challenge.
20 Buttonhole Wheel cup
22 Slipped Detached Chain
23 Triple Chain ..... (today's stitch - oooh, I'm up to date!)
It's another mini stitch sampler, on linen, with Perle 5, 8, 12.
I like these easy stitches and they were good to use together.
My Flickr site will be restricted for a time as I have been unable to renew my Pro subscription, but I hope to sort it shortly.
Best go and do the last garden walk of the day and a couple of exercises, before it gets too dark - thank goodness we only have a small garden .....

Monday, 12 July 2010

TAST 19 Up & Down Feather Stitch

I enjoy gathering matching threads and fibres together for a project. I have always stitched lots of "fronds" in Feather Stitch so I knew that this TAST challenge would have fronds .....
I started with two materials and motifs from my scrap box. the bottom left was a left over stitched scrap of wool top images printed on fabric paper, and the top right is a jet-ink print of an old watercolour painting, on a linen type fabric paper.
Then lots of U & D Feather stitching, French Knots, and an edge of finger chaining with the chunky wool fibre.
I had to finger-chain as I couldn't find a crochet hook at the moment I needed it .....
It's a fabric postcard - I enjoyed making it at the weekend, between a little gardening, meals. and a nice visit from family.
Oh! There was the World Cup Football final and Tour de France in the Pyranees to take a quick look at too - time flies when you are having fun!

Friday, 9 July 2010

TAST 2010 - 18 Wave Stitch

Today, at nearly "New Hip +5 weeks" I went into the garden on two elbow crutches, dumped one and did a little weeding with a long tool in an overgrown border. Two sessions of about 30 minutes each - the first gardening I have done for well over a year - wonderful!!
In between - rest time - I decided to do Wave Stitch properly. Look back two posts to see my other attempt .....
This is a mini sampler on a scrap of Hessian, using a variegated Texere yarn.
I varied the height of the rows but not the spacing.
Next rest time I'll do this week's stitch .....

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fabric Postcard ...
This has been hanging around needing completion for a long time. As I attempted Wave Stitch in the top corner (see previous post)
I decided to add more and more until it became OTT and so completed!
It was a piece of patchwork print fabric and I think it is now "encrusted" - with buttons, beads, sequins, braid, machine & hand stitching.
Altogether a hotch potch - but I enjoyed stitching it anyway.

Monday, 5 July 2010

TAST 2010
18 Wave Stitch

Well, my version!
I didn't read the instructions
before I set up lots of
straight stitches - so I have woven the top stitches instead of making feet and threading the yarn.
I should know by now that I MUST read instructions!!!! Maybe I'll do the stitch properly next time.
This is a corner of a CQPC started some time ago.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

I started the TAST 2007 challenge in March this year as I missed it first time round.
Bullion Knots are the challenge for week 27.
This mini sampler, 6x5cm. with Straight Stiches added, is stitched on evenweave fabric in DMC and Stef Francis Perle 5, with Oliver Twist threads bottom right.
The frame is from picnik for display here.
I'm also doing the 2010 Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge and trying to keep up weekly with that.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Daisies ......
....... to start my new blog.
I can't post new items in my old blog at conniekonnykards.blogspot.com
though I have tried all the ways I can think of.
It still exists and I'm sorry not to continue it - I like to look back on my previous work and posts.
Reluctantly I'm starting again - maybe that's as it should be however as I am feeling a "new woman" since my hip op a short time ago!
I haven't finished any new work this week so have collected these daisy photos together for a starter - I love them all ...
I hope friends who looked in on the old blog from time to time will find me here! Connie.