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follow up from previous blog, http://conniekonnykards.blogspot.com/ I am retired here in UK, well into my seventies, and I have crafted as long as I can remember. OH John and I have been happily married for 54 years. We have a lovely family and a cat with attitude ...... Lots of work from my hobbies is on Flickr.

Friday, 29 October 2010

A favourite scrap ....

A small scrap of linen fabric, from a favourite loose chair cover of long ago ... I decided to outline stitch in Caron Wildflowers thread and make a textile block.
So I started with Tast 35,Spiked Knotted Cable Chain but I'm wondering what's next?
I've missed TAST 34 but I don't think that will fit on here - I'll have to try it on another fabric scrap.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Magazine from 1931 ...

...... even I am not as old!
As we are having a shower room built into our walk-in pantry and garage the accumulation of 'things' over more than 50 years has to be sorted and as much as possible disposed of.
What a challenge it is, and how will we manage without the lovely pantry and dumping ground 'garage'?
There are so many things to look through, enjoy, remember connections, etc, but we have to be strong willed and send lots to a charity shop - even throw away lots - work should begin at the end of November so there's a deadline ....
But this is one thing that will have to find a new home - a 1933 magazine from my late aunt's collections.
She loved needlework, as I do, and I'll be keeping many of her things.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

TAST 2010 - 31 & 32

Autumn Theme

31 Raised Close Herringbone Stitch
32 Shell Chain Stitch

A patchwork block stitch sampler.
As my arm continues to be painful I can only stitch in short spells so this has taken several days.

I enjoy setting up a small patchwork block, choosing threads - these are Perle 5 & 8 - and letting a design develop.
The fabrics are a scrim base with cotton and hessian patches.
I'm catching up on TAST now, just a couple to get to this week's stitch.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fairy or Cup Cakes?

An early memory from my childhood has always been coming home from Junior School to a delicious smell of baking. It was in wartime, food was rationed but mum regularly baked 'Fairy Cakes', Scones, Jam Tarts, Cut and Come Again Cake, and other every day recipes. It seemed to me that she did it every day! I've always loved eating .....
I too baked often as the family were growing up but these days I rarely do so.
I notice now that 'Fairy Cakes' have changed to 'Cup Cakes' - whatever the name I know that these, baked this morning, will not be around too long!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Frustrated Again!!

TAST 2010 - 28 Raised Chain Stitch.
My arm has been so painful recently that I have given up stitching for some time - so I'm four stitches behind with the TAST challenge, and another due tomorrow.
This morning the arm felt much better - still OK this afternoon, so I started a small sample of the first Raised Chain.
WOE!!!! After a short time, and just this small amount stitched, I could do no more.
I'm more than frustrated, but I'll keep trying in short spells .....

To pass the time I looked through old photographs and found the one below, taken by our son in the Sahara a few years ago - beautiful girls and lovely fabrics - there's always something to cheer me!

PS I did manage to complete a mini sampler block of the stitch on Friday - see Flickr.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Our family rented a "cottage" in Dorset for the nine of us to celebrate my 75th birthday, at the weekend.
My birthday was way back in May but I was not well then. Although the weather was mixed Saturday was fine and we enjoyed
a visit to Weymouth and a lovely lunch at a country pub.
The cottage was spacious, with an indoor pool and plenty of other activities available, indoors and outdoors,so every one had a good time.
We didn't manage to get a photo of everyone at the same time but have a nice varied collection of pictures. Our son Neil and I relaxed on Sunday morning, John took our photo and the others were doing their own thing about the place.
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