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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fairy or Cup Cakes?

An early memory from my childhood has always been coming home from Junior School to a delicious smell of baking. It was in wartime, food was rationed but mum regularly baked 'Fairy Cakes', Scones, Jam Tarts, Cut and Come Again Cake, and other every day recipes. It seemed to me that she did it every day! I've always loved eating .....
I too baked often as the family were growing up but these days I rarely do so.
I notice now that 'Fairy Cakes' have changed to 'Cup Cakes' - whatever the name I know that these, baked this morning, will not be around too long!


  1. Hummmmmmmm!!!! they look so... so delicious whatever they are Fairy or Cup Cakes - sounds better Fairy Cakes to me :)

  2. when i was small cup cakes had a lid and fairy cakes had wings

    however i've not yet met anyone else for whom that definition holds true :)

    (now my mouth is watering...)