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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Recycle Project

This morning I came across several wooden coat hangers that have seen better days,(like me!!)and decided to give them another chance, as I really like them better than the many plastic ones I've accumulated over the years.

So I found a few pieces of fabric, wadding, a needle, and thread.
With a bit of wrapping, stretching, and runnung stitches large enough to be tacking stitches, I recycled four hangers.
One fabric used to be a kitchen table cloth, the blue striped was a dress, long ago, and the other two materials are scraps left over from fabric art some time ago - many times I wish I wasn't such a hoarder, but at times old stash comes in handy!


  1. Oh1 I absolutely love these plush hangers... I often wished I had collected them over the years... I would see them now and then and my mother has a few as well... They just look so beautiful and add a wonderful touch of class to a closet. But now, my little boat has an even littler hanging closet and they would never fit. I even saw a whole batch in a basket, very inexpensive at goodwill recently and had to sadly walk away from them. They are right up there with 'sachets' in my book! :)))

  2. I much prefer covered coathangers against plastic. The clothes hand much better of them. Yours are very nice Connie...I have a few that have seen better days too, but I still hold onto them.

  3. These are lovely Connie and so much nicer then plastic ones!! love your bookmarks also.

  4. Lovely. Once you own a padded hanger or two, bog standard plastic are just not good enough!