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follow up from previous blog, http://conniekonnykards.blogspot.com/ I am retired here in UK, well into my seventies, and I have crafted as long as I can remember. OH John and I have been happily married for 54 years. We have a lovely family and a cat with attitude ...... Lots of work from my hobbies is on Flickr.

Monday, 18 July 2011

100 bookmarks for charity

As I quickly sold the first 30 bookmarks for a Macmillan Cancer support fund I carried on and soon had made 100 - which will raise £50
The large mosaic shows 98 - I seem to have mislaid photos of two!
Maybe when all are sold I may copy the pics and sell even more.
This project has kept me busy for a week or so - at last, after many lazy months, I have done something worthwhile!

Bookmarks 24-36 and 37-50


  1. these pictures are fantastic. Imagine the possibilities of the doodles they could create just by looking at them!!

  2. Connie! These are so absolutely beautiful!!! I love how you have taken the flower/garden theme and created it in so many wonderful ways... using many different mediums...they all come across as soothing, lovely, colorful and bright!

  3. Your bookmarks are lovely! Thanks for sharing!