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Monday, 9 August 2010

TAST 07 32 33 34 - Doodle

32 Crested Chain Stitch
33 Scroll Stitch
34 Portuguese Stem Stitch

As it was sunny and warm this morning I sat in the garden to complete this stitch sampler, with a few unintentional variations where I went wrong!
Although I was not keen on the stitches at first I enjoyed them as I got going - I often find this is so.
It's a mini piece, 7x10cm, on evenweave in DMC Perle 5 and 8.
The doodle developed as it went along and it's in a picnic frame for presentation.


  1. connie, can you tell me what doodles are used for. i like this one. perhaps I could do one to decorate one of the pages of the fabric stitch book I am making.

  2. I don't think doodles are for anything special - just time fillers (or wasters???).
    I'm sure you would enjoy doodling a page in your book. Connie.