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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Siennese Stitch Mini Sampler

Tast 2010 - 24
This is last week's stitch - I haven't been stitching, or using PC a lot recently as my arm is in a painful phase.
Hopefully it will be better again soon, I get frustrated!!!
The sampler is small, 6x6cm. on an Aida 14 count band in DMC Perle 5.
The pink and purple is variegated, green weaving is in a plain double thread.
This was quick and easy to do this afternoon, I enjoyed stitching it.
The weaving has added dimension and, I think, interest.


  1. Have commented on Flicker, but now i know the background fabric it makes a very pretty sampler background. The weaving is an interesting idea and does add an extra dimension to the work. Your choice of colour as usual is excellent.

  2. I like this stitch very much! I understand fully about frustrating hand problems. I started embroidery again for the first time in years at the beginning of the year and was so energized about it, only to have to give it up for months.