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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Thank You

A big thank you to my many friends here and on Flickr for all your lovely sentiments and many good wishes in recent months.
After waiting since January to have a spine injection to relieve pain in my legs I had it yeserday! The long delay was the NHS waiting list and more weeks delay as I had Shingles badly.
Last night I slept well and, although mobility is not much improved - I knew it would not be, I feel very much better today, no leg pains and looking forward to taking up favourite hobbies, but I will have to watch tennis at Wimbledon until the end of next week (on TV!).
I have to go back to hospital next Wednesday for new investigations - hopefully problems will sort quickly this time.
I feel mean that I haven't commented individually on photos, lovely crafting, and so many good wishes for a long time - all the photostreams and blogs do so much for me, helping to raise my spirits on low days and providing enjoyment.
I hope to be more positive soon and contact many friends individually.
Again, many thanks.
This card is made in Picnik,from the original apricot rose posy photo on Flickr, www.flickr.com/photos/23261611@N04/5869140600/in/photostream
edited with HSL filter.

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  1. Oh Connie, so thrilled to hear this good news!! May you continue to sleep well and gain back some independence and do many things you have missed! Hugs! :)