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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WIP - Fabric Beads

Kristal Wick's lovely book 'fabulous fabric beads' arrived this morning and after a quick look through I had to try the basic rectangles - my first attempt at bead making.
They are easy to roll and glue over a drinking straw and tomorrow I'll know how substantial they are when the fabric is completely dry.

I took out the straw but I think light fabrics and ribbon will need a straw stiffener inserted.
Maybe I'll varnish them if I decide to carry on with these colours to make a chunky necklace. Mostly I craft for the pleasure of 'doing' so may not make anything.
Next I'll try triangles and then round beads - they will challenge me I'm sure...
Anyway, I'm more motivated than I was yesterday!


  1. Connie, your beads look absolutely lovely..... look forward to seeing your finished necklace!


  2. They look great fun to make Connie, can't wait to see the finished necklace.

  3. Thanks dis and Sue - yes they are fun to make.
    I made up a necklace on 5th April - it's blogged then. Connie.

  4. Maybe you could use a wooden dowel to wrap them around with material dipped in fabric stiffener. Since I haven't seen the book, I'm just guess that a wood dowel would be stronger than a straw. If the straw stays inside of the bead, maybe plastic aquarium tubing might work.

    From Utah, USA, Bev