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Friday, 11 February 2011

Learning Curve ...

My learning curve has taken a new direction, after receiving an email from our son Neil, who works in the travel industry.
He is in Cambodia - impressed, and knew I would like to see and read about the amazing ancient temples, Angkhor Wat & Angkor Thom, dating back to 802AD.
Yes, I loved browsing pictures and info, via Google, and wish we were able to jump on a plane and get to see them!
I try to 'learn something new each day' - today I have, and I've sent for a book about Cambodia, a place I knew nothing about yesterday.

Even when we get a bit housebound there's plenty to enjoy!


  1. You see Connie that's the wonder of the internet. Even if you can't get to a place you can still visit!
    Great mosaic I shall be googling Cambodia myself when I get a minute.

  2. Good for you, those buildings look amazing! the power of the internet indeed. Well done you for
    seeking out new ways to explore the world and all its beauty, if you were my mum I would be very proud of you Connie
    Yvonne x