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Thursday, 17 February 2011

GIMP Week 2

'Squinting In The Sun"
I managed the first task - setting an old fashioned look colourized photo into an oval with blurred edges, though I'm not sure I really want to look older than I am! LOL.
Next is intro to using layers in graphics - with a few do and undo attempts I managed to do two layers. It took me a time and at the end of it all I didn't like the colour I chose for the background layer and I had difficulty in saving in GIMP so I saved as JPEG as I always do.
Then I changed the background in Publisher as I can do this quickly.
As I'm a picnik frame addict I added a pretend frame too.
I musn't sit any longer or I'll 'lock' all my joints, so I'll go into GIMP, change the background there, and continue the lesson another time.
I'm enjoying the lessons - time flies and I only hope I can remember what I'm doing for another time!

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