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follow up from previous blog, http://conniekonnykards.blogspot.com/ I am retired here in UK, well into my seventies, and I have crafted as long as I can remember. OH John and I have been happily married for 54 years. We have a lovely family and a cat with attitude ...... Lots of work from my hobbies is on Flickr.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sometimes ......

.... Sometimes I'm sad when lovely flowers begin to fade ....
These tulips have cheered me this week and now sadly the petals begin to drop ....
I'm disappointed that it is taking longer to feel well after my op than I expected - I'm tired, still can't walk, and still have pain.

Maybe I'm expecting too much, too soon.
But when will I be "me" again?
How lucky I am though to have lots of TLC from family and friends.
I'm missing stitching but can't get going - luckily I've bought several new books to dip into and have my camera, even if I'm only taking photos indoors. I'm enjoying playing with simple photo editing ... doing on line jigsaws, and "travelling" around the world to places I'll never really visit.
 I'm getting more and more addictive to on line shopping - I'm sure the postman thinks I'm mad!!
I'm so pleased to have such lovely messages and good wishes on line too and sorry that I'm not replying individually to everyone - once more many, many, thanks all - you do me a power of good.
Tomorrow, next week, next month, will surely be better and they are not long away.

“I've got nothing to do today but smile.”    Simon and Garfunkel


  1. Hoping your recovery goes quicker than expected and you're back to stitching soon!

  2. I really enjoy your work and your blog. I had neck surgery over 10 years ago. It will get better. I promise. My best advice...don't rush your recovery. Be gentle and patient with yourself, just as you would care for your child or your friend. Talk gently to your heart and encourage each small step of your recovery. Rest, listen to your body and use this time to relax. Before you know it, you'll be up and about.

  3. Hello Connie, I agree with everything Jill said, it's time to repair, so relax, enjoy what you are doing and it will all come right.
    We are all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. In the meantime you will have to make do with our ramblings. There's plenty of that on my blog. Even I didn't know I could talk that much. I think I could have been a roving reporter in another life.
    Will send you a little something to cheer you.
    Lynn x x x
    One I Made Earlier Today

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  5. Same here. I really love flowers and I hate when they wither. heavy machinery shipping

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