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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

TAST 2012 - 6.Chevron Stitch

 Another piece added to the  Band Sampler ...  TAST 2007  stitching was in white on 16count pink Aida, and quite flat, so this time I decided  to make a textured doodle with various threads.                                          

The fabric is loosely woven hand dyed cotton, from Stef Francis.
Perle threads also from Stef, caron, DMC,
a lovely silk six strand from somewhere, a variety bag,and a ball of wool from a Pound shop.
Quite a variety of textures, (and price!)
I enjoyed wandering around with needle and thread, even though this stitch isn't a favourite!


  1. Love your freestyle Chevron sampler!

  2. Both samples are beautiful but I am rather fond of your dark side.

    Diane - yarngoddess

    1. It is my favourite too- though you may not believe it seeing all the counted stitches I do - LOL, Connie.

  3. Love the colours you've used Connie, such detailed work.

  4. I love the contrast between the tidy top half and the free for all bottom half.

    Airy Nothing

  5. I like the difference in presentation - the precision of the sampler you did in 2007 to the appeared-randomness of the sampler you did this year. Shows a lot of creativity and diversity in the work you do!

  6. like the third part of your sampler, it's so creativ

  7. while your sampler is wonderful, it's those bullion stitches in your header that I am drawn to; I haven't been able to master that stitch on my own; am hoping TAST will be the impetus for that