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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

TAST 2012 4.Cretan Stitch

      For 2007 TAST I stitched the middle panel here, (anchored with green gem stone chips)
 in fine Perle thread.
This time I used Perle 5 in the top line and made a 'Tangled Hedge' at the bottom with two textured yarns, a little fine Perle, and three buttons.
Not an artistic result but fun to stitch!  

See details of TAST at http://www.pintangle.com/journal/tag/tast-2012


  1. i actually think the "tangled hedge" is pretty cool . . .
    i've had difficulty with the cretan stitch in the past but am finding it easier with more practice. maybe by the end of the week i'll really have the hang of it . . .


  2. I like your work, I think is an imaginary herbal book and i love it.

  3. I like also your Work, and I like this crétan stitch
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