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Sunday, 14 November 2010

A Fun Pic ... Watching You

TAST 2010 - 34
Buttonholed Double Chain

I missed out this stitch - the first time I have done this in the challenge -
as a)I couldn't get it right, and b)I didn't get inspired and couldn't think how to use it.
Today I decided I must do it so started a couple of straight lines - still with errors - and then it took over and became a fun pic .....
The material is actually canvas mat-sprayed in gold but that doesn't show here.
Threads are Perle 5 and 3 and variations .. well,the mistakes!!!
To add to the 'fun' I have added French Knots and a spider web and frame from picnik.
(I enjoyed it anyway!)

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  1. I think these little creatures have set up home in my garden Connie...they are hilarious. I found this stitch a challenge as well.